STEM Extravaganza

February 8, 2018 - 8:00am

SEEC is excited to host the fourth annual STEM Extravaganza for all students at Red Feather Lakes Elementary School. This year the kids will rotate through the following eight stations that are interactive, hands-on and inquiry-based: Stations 1 and 2 are double engineering staions where students, working in team of 2, will face the challenge of building a cart that meets certain criteria; Station 3 will be hosted by Global Village Museum and will include instruments from around the world that students can play; Station 4 will highlight Brock (RFL wildlife manager) and his working, wildlife K-9, Cash; Station 5 demonstrates Magnificent Microbes with Cindy Henk; Station 6 is Amazing Water where students learn about unique properties of water through hands-on experiments,; Station 7, hosted by RFLC Library with their NASA@MyLibrary grant, is geared for the younger students and called Astronauts on the Moon; and Station 8, also hosted through the NASA grant, is geared for the older students and titled Building a Moon Habitat. Thank you to all our volunteers - THIS STEM EVENT WILL BE AWESOME!