Partial Solar Eclipse at SEEC

August 21, 2017 - 9:30am

​It is exciting - the solar eclipse (August 21st) is getting closer! Please note that all of Colorado will be seeing a partial solar eclipse and you will need to view the partial eclipse with approved solar eclipse glasses. SEEC and the RFLC Library will be co-hosting the August 21st  solar eclipse at Soaring Eagle Ecology Center. The important timeline of the eclipse in Red Feather Lakes is as follows:

​                         Begins:  10:22 am

​                         MAX:      11:45 am

​                         Ends:     1:12 pm

​The entire time for the partial eclipse is 2 hours, 50 minutes and the magnitude at RFL is 0.96. Please remember there will still be 4% of the sun exposed (not blocked by the moon) and you will need to protect your eyes any time you are looking at the sun during the entire partial eclipse. Please contact SEEC at 218-9685 or the RFLC Library at 881-2664 if you have any questions.