What a wonderful puppet show! Julie did a fabulous job with narrating the tree puppet show, interacting with the kids and reading the children's book, The Giving Tree. Way to go, Julie!

SEEC board vice-president, Jean Carpenter, will be attending a conference in July in North Carolina focusing on developing high quality citizen science projects and programs. Jean will be presenting SEEC's project: High Altitude Air Quality Monitoring.

Soaring Eagle Ecology Center (SEEC) is proud to offer a number of free programs and events this summer for learners of all ages. The SEEC home page is limited to showing only 12 of the upcoming events. To view the complete list, please click on events in the upper bar.

Soaring Eagle Ecology Center and Red Feather Lakes Community Library would like to thank Caroline Krumm and Don Hunter for another fabulous presentation on Mountain Lions and Snow Leopards. Their passion for these big cats is contagious.

Soaring Eagle Ecology Center (SEEC)  is extremely thankful and appreciateive of the great Air Quality program led by Maddie Polmear and the AirWaterGas Team. Maddie gave a fabulous overview of the AWG Project and the development of the U-Pods by an engineering group at CU.

Kids had fun learning how important good air quality is for all of us. They compared photos of air pollution from cities in the U.S. and around the world.

SEEC's wooden bridge is a wonderful addition to the geology trail on SEEC land. A huge thank you to Tom Luttenegger for designing, building and installing this awesome wooden bridge.

A big thank you to the WaterSHED team from the City of Fort Collins Utilities Water for three terrific days of watershed mysteries and fun! Alyssa, Alicia and Hallie - you are fantastic!.

Many thanks to  Chris Carroll for organizing the fun Kids Free Fishing Fest at West Lake. Another successful year and job well done. Thanks also to Darlene, Jean and Judy for the fun interactive environmental stations - great feedback from the kids (and their parents).

The Children's Water Festival organized by the City of Fort Collins for over 1,800 third graders was a huge success. Even the rainy weather held for most of the festival (but remember this was a water fest after all). Jean Carpenter and Judy Viola had a blast facilitating