This female moose is gracefully strolling on the established two-track trail on SEEC land. She appears to be glancing toward the informational signs at the SEEC lichen station. Although moose are wonderful, be aware that they are also unpredictable and powerful.

This male muledeer seems to be posing for the camera as he gracefully walks to the meadow on SEEC land. Muledeer are plentiful at Soaring Eagle Ecology Center as well as throughout the Red Feather Lakes area.

Big thumbs up to Roger, Charlie, Brian and John from Northern Colorado Astronomical Society (NCAS) and Longmont Astronomy Society (LAS) for a terrific telescope workshop on August 12th at Soaring Eagle Ecology Center.

Soaring Eagle Ecology Center would like to thank Margie and Larry Caswell for an awesome Discovery Hike for over 30 participants on August 8th. The two-hour hike on SEEC land focused on geology and montane wildflowers in the area, as well as any other questions the hikers asked.

This magnificent male moose was strolling from the creek to a meadow on Soaring Eagle Ecology Center's land. Moose are definitely thriving in the Red Feather Lakes area.

Soaring Eagle Ecology Center (SEEC) is proud to announce that Fox Acres Golf Club will be hosting a wonderful golf event to benefit SEEC. This charity golf event is scheduled for Saturday, September 26, 2015.

WOW!  What fantastic programs! Over 120 kids and adults enjoyed Rocky Mountain Raptor Program's Eagles Soar. Carin and her two volunteer handlers did an outstanding job with sharing their expertise and passion for Bald Eagle and Golden Eagle.

Search and Rescue team Jill Reynolds and her amazing dog Skid facilitated an outstanding program today on Wilderness Survival. All of us (over 20) were proud to become Skid's Kids!  Thank you Jill and Skid. It was an awesome program.

Many thanks to Darlene Kilpatrick, Judy Viola and Amber Ellinger for leading programs during Kids' Survival Week. The turnout and feedback were great and the kids had a blast learning about Living with Wildlife, First Aid for Kids and Owls.

Thumbs up to Earl for a fantastic program on Building Survival Shelters. The kids had a blast learning how to stay alive in the wilderness. It is amazing what you can build with plastic and string! Thanks Earl for a great program.