Look closely at the photo on the left and see if you can find the mystery raptor gliding silently close to the ground. Can you identify this raptor? Check back next week to see if you are correct. Happy sleuthing!

Wow! It is absolutely awesome to see a mama moose walking on SEEC's established two-track trail with her twins. Moose are indeed thriving in the Red Feather Lakes area.

This small black bear was spotted searching for food on SEEC land. Black bears are omnivores and eating huge amounts of food in late summer and fall is one way they prepare for winter.

Soaring Eagle Ecology Center is extremely grateful to Fox Acres for hosting a golfing event as well as a community parking lot sale yesterday on September 26th. The weather was perfect, the golfers were great and the parking lot sale was a huge success.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Eat for SEEC at BJ's Restaurant this past Tuesday. SEEC will receive 15% of your dining bill as a donation from BJ's.

This wildlife photo of a bobcat was captured by the wildlife cam around dusk. Notice how well the bobcat blends in with the grasses and shrubs on SEEC land. This feisty, feline predator feasts on rabbits, rodents and other small animals.

Soaring Eagle Ecology Center is so grateful to our community members for their support. Our little, all volunteer nonprofit offers environmental and science programs at no cost to participants because of your donations, help and grants.

This fun wildlife photo is called Little Moose Dancing with Mom. Many moose seem to enjoy SEEC's meadow while traveling to aspen groves and pine forests. What a treat to see these two moose enjoying a summer day.

This is SEEC's first elk caught on camera this summer. Look closely and you will notice his outstanding antlers, which almost blend into the trees. He is moving from the little creek to the aspens and pines. Amazing!

Mama muledeer and her little fawn are walking and browsing on a path surrounded by granite rock formations. Muledeer are abundant on SEEC land at this elevation of slightly over 8,500 feet.