On February 14th, Cindy Henk presented an outstanding program at a Mountain Gals meeting for Mountain Gals and community members. Your expertise and passion for microbes and connections in nature are greatly appreciated.

​Many thanks to Red Feather Lakes Elementaty School's students, teachers and PTO, and SEEC and community volunteers for organizing and participating in RFLE School's fourth annual STEM Extravaganza on Thursday, February 8, 2018.

Red Feather Lakes Community Library and SEEC are in the process of planning a cool Earth Day that will be held in April. Look for more information as we get closer to the date.

Eleven wonderful preschoolers at Red Feather Lakes Elementary School had a great time learning about the planets in Our Solar System. A big thank you to the kids and their teachers, Miss Sharon and Miss Kerry Ann, for inviting SEEC to your classroom. We all had a blast!

Many thanks to Mrs. Ferguson's and Mr. Warren's third-grade students for being such outstanding elementary geologists. You were all great with identifying igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, as well as explaining the rock cycle. Way to go!

October has been an outstanding month for SEEC's WILD ABOUT BATS programs - we've already completed three programs with a few more to go. The beautiful megabat in the photo on the left is Miss Camille, a Malayan Flying Fox bat.

It was inspiring to hear about the Cassini Project and view the spectacular Ring World DVD. Thank you to RFLC Library, SEEC and the NASA@MyLibrary grant for making this program possible. Well done!

Thank you for allowing our SEEC volunteers (Cindy, Jean and Judy) be part of your special college reunion gathering this year. We were honored to have facilitated a special hike for you all at SEEC and it was fun to find the different connections in nature.

Thank you Renee for presenting a wonderful program on pines. Your knowledge, expertise and passion for pines were contagious and appreciated by all. We are looking forward to your program on Noxious Weeds in 2018. Thank you again!